About the Forum

Welcome to the Havering Interfaith Forum

We exist to promote cohesion and religious harmony for the benefit of the whole community.

We work towards the advancement of public education and understanding of different religious faiths and beliefs in Havering, and towards enhancing communication between faith communities and other agencies.

We have a vision of all people of faith in Havering creating and sharing opportunities for life.

The forum’s 2014 AGM was held on April 29th 2014, the 2013-14 annual report can be viewed here (PDF format)

Havering IFF 2014 AGM

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In 2002, Dr John Lester, a member of the Baha’i faith in Havering, organised a meeting of faith practitioners in Havering with the objective of discussing the need for the faith community in the Borough to work together for harmony in the community. The initial meetings included people from the Baha’i, Christian, and Islamic, Brahma Kumaris, Hindu and Sikh faiths.

These meetings became quite regular and members later decided to rotate the venue of their meetings from places of the different faith groups. The Community Engagement Team (CET) from the Havering Council got involved in supporting the team in 2005.The CET has had various consultations and meetings with this group since 2005. The group has had various partnership work with other faith organisations in neighbouring Boroughs of and has participated in events of interfaith forums of others boroughs including the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge, and Newham.

The Forum is currently listed in the 2009 Directory of Interfaith Organisations in the UK.
In July 2009, following series of ward level consultations, the first Havering Interfaith Conference was held during which it was generally agreed that an interfaith Forum should be formed to facilitate the process of improving the involvement of the faith community in the Borough and to help promote understanding of the different faiths at different levels of the communities.

The Official inauguration of the Havering Interfaith Forum took place in November 2009.